Being a surfer involves a lot of paddle time. Hence, mastering the skill of paddling is important for being a surfer.

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All about Paddling

Stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) are steered using a single bladed paddle. Earlier, paddle boarding was carried down by kneeling on the board and paddling using hands. This was the original and raw form of paddling. With time, paddling has improved a lot.

Before you start paddling, here are a few important things that you should know about paddling

Most importantly, do your homework. Know the waves and the tides. A better understanding of these will help you tackle the waters better. Timing the wave is important. Do not go overboard nor be dumbstruck at the sight of a wave. Be prepared. Positioning yourself correctly on the board else you could get injured or end up drowning in the water. Stay relaxed and calm, as this is important. Do not exert yourself by using both arms. Exertion results in loss of energy and energy are what you will need while paddling and facing the waves. Always think "long & deep" strokes rather than "quick & jerky" movements. This will help you learn to paddle faster and also save up on your energy levels. Before going paddling or even while training, remember to get the right paddleboard and the required equipment & safety gears. Moreover, get only gears of superior quality and do not settle for cheap ones as they are inexpensive because your life depends on it.

You can also improve your paddling skills by the following ways:

Try and improve your swim strokes by aiming to catch more waves. Practice a good fitness workout. Add a few exercises that will increase your arm and lung capacity to your daily routine. Practice good and balanced body positions. Do exercises to strengthen your shoulders, biceps, and triceps. Go for swimming classes and practice short and fast sprints. This will teach you to increase your speed in every stroke you make. Carry out some small finger exercises as your fingers add magic to your paddling. Incorporate some open and closed chain exercises, including some bodybuilding workouts to see quick results. Thus, all these above fitness tips will increase your endurance while paddling training. To surf and paddle like a professional and to get your paddling equipment, check surfers & paddlers . A fit body will train faster and master the skills easily and quickly.

Tips for Paddling

You have got your paddleboard and are all geared up to start paddling and hit the waves. Before you do so, here are a few tips that will help you paddle at ease.

Start Paddling

Stay in front of the wave and start paddling early.If the wave is fast, then you need to paddle faster.

Stay Balanced

Do not lie distant rearmost on the board causing you to drive into the water.Do not lean on one side of the board.


Do not roll from one side of the board to the other. Paddling requires a lot of energy


Hence paddle with one arm at a time else you will lose both momentum and speed. Stay balanced.

Smooth Stroke

Do not be tensed at the sight of a wave nor be stressed while paddling. Take long and smooth strokes by extending your upper arm wholly and complete one entire rotation all the way up to the thighs.


Do not paddle over the surface. Keep your head still and hands relaxed. Practice a smooth entry and exit into and outside of the aqua else, a lot of energy will be wasted.


Keep your feet close and together. Dragging your feet in the water will disturb the flow of water. Practice a technique. It is always wise to sign up for a safety and rescue course before you hit the waters.

First Learning

Always tend to practice in the whiteaqua and in beach breaks when you are first learning to paddle and surf. Climb on top of your plank and kickoff paddling in the direction of the border. Once the whiteaqua clamps you, get a hold of the rails and surf.

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